About Me

Jolene Hung
Financial Consultant


Financial consultant Jolene Hung offers a nurturing atmosphere in which she is empowering her clients to navigate between their dreams and their means, while being their advocate every step of the way.

In the financial industry since 1996, Jolene empowers clients to assess what is essential in creating a balanced view of wealth and life goals.  For Jolene, true wealth is more than an accumulation of money; the purpose of wealth is to experience the manifestation of personal dreams.  Money is a tool for people to realize and enjoy what they wish to achieve in life. Jolene’s objective, when she meets with clients and personalizes her engagement with them, is twofold:  preserve the wealth of her clients while creating a personalized wealth plan that will offer her clients an ongoing comfortable lifestyle.

Jolene’s added focus as a financial consultant is being an advocate for families with special needs.  She arranges seminars with speakers who add value to the investment options she describes for these families, such as the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).  Jolene is also an advocate for women who are rebuilding their lives.  In March 2017 she is presenting the Women in Business Conference in Ottawa.

Jolene holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Resources with Minor in Business Management (graduate with Honors from National Sun Yet-Sen University, Taiwan) and Master of Business Administration (University of British Columbia).  Jolene was born and raised in Taiwan.  She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia with her parents.  Now she lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and two children.
Jolene’s Story

When Jolene was very young she had a natural interest in investment and was able to save money, creating a portfolio that would be a dream for some young people. This focus and habit was in her favor when her son was born with disabilities. Although she was not ready for that, emotionally, he really inspired her, opening her heart and eyes to this whole other world. While awaiting government funding, she searched for several years for the best financial advice she could find. She realized there are few who are able to say they specialize in this field of supporting families with special needs. Knowing her son, and knowing what her family went through, she made a commitment to herself that if one day she could be an investment advisor, she would make it her priority to help the family feel comfortable when they have to make emotional decisions about how to manage their finances to ensure the coverage is there for their family, now and in the future.