Creating Your Successful First Impression

Life is full of challenges and there are so many things we need to learn. In the career field, successful networking opportunities are a result of your focus on making a positive first impression. We live in a competitive marketplace and how you present yourself matters: how you dress, how you do your makeup, the way you shake hands and how you introduce yourself.  There is always more to learn about how to be effective in creating a successful first impression.

On March 24th 2017, in the beautiful Marshes Golf Course Clubhouse, two empowering ladies, Jolene Hung and Lori Clarke shared an interactive presentation with 20 people on the subject of creating a successful first impression.  Jolene is a Financial Consultant with Investors Group.  She offers a nurturing atmosphere, empowering her clients to navigate between their dreams and their means, while being their advocate every step of the way.  During the event, Jolene shared from her career experience on how to dress appropriately in the business environment.  She also taught the group some fun exercises for facial muscles that improve our ability to speak clearly.

Here are Jolene’s tips for a successful networking experience:

  1. Know the dress code
  2. Ask for the guest list
  3. Plan a self-introduction
  4. Prepare yourself for the topics
  5. Eat before you arrive
  6. Bring plenty of business cards
  7. Act as the host, rather than as a guest
  8. Mingle and meet many people
  9. Thank the host before leaving

Lori is an Executive Master Trainer and Success Coach. She believes in the benefits of creating a healthy energy inside the body that contributes to a positive outward appearance.  From her own experience, Lori shared tips on nutrition and diet that help in creating an energized focus in a person in advance of meeting with people.

These two ladies had a vision for this event, to bring to life their passion to empower women, especially younger women, with the skills they can use to successfully make their best first impression.  They had invited Erica Beaudoin, a Professional Makeup Artist in her 20s, who shared her experience through hands-on demonstrations of applying make-up.

Attendees had so much fun, and while meeting new people at the event, they were able to practice the skills they had just learned. This was the first in a series of events that Jolene has planned.  Soon Jolene will be announcing the next event being organized to help people to be their best!

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