Jolene Hung

Financial consultant Jolene Hung offers a nurturing atmosphere in which she is empowering her clients to navigate between their dreams and their means, while being their advocate every step of the way.

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Being My Own Hero 

My son was born with the special needs. I wasn’t prepared for that. Not financially. Not emotionally. I was desperate to find help. It’s very dear to me, this story, because I tried to find a hero to save me, to save my family, to save my son. He was the only grandson in our family at that time. Some people thought I had done something wrong, like eat the wrong thing. It was devastating.

Creating Your Successful First Impression

Life is full of challenges and there are so many things we need to learn. In the career field, successful networking opportunities are a result of your focus on making a positive first impression. We live in a competitive marketplace and how you present yourself matters: how you dress, how you do your makeup, the […]

Shall I take out my investment to pay down my mortgage?–Blended Families, Blended Finances

Blended Families, Blended Finances.
A dear client gave me a call two weeks ago. She has been married for five years with her long time partner. They have a disagreement about how to deal with their mortgage which is due for renewal. In this article, I am going to call them Tom and Shelly.